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Mechanics Body

Mechanics Body

A mechanic body truck is useful in many industries, including construction, municipal or utility work. Mechanics trucks typically have a crane attached for moving large equipment or heavy materials, as well as plenty of storage for tools and other supplies. Other names for this body type include crane truck, service truck, and utility truck.

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Titan Literature

Titan crane and service truck bodies live up to the Auto Crane reputation for durable productivity. Rely on the field-proven, patented Titan work truck body to take on the most punishing assignments.

The innovative Titan is not only engineered to easily handle the most rugged off-road routes, but is also made for enhanced performance and functionality to help operators accomplish the mission more safely, quickly and efficiently. From body-stress reducing rounded corners to the integrated crane box, Titan crane bodies set the standard.

Strength. Reliability. Durability. Titan service crane bodies — engineered for the way you work, for years to come.

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Venco Venturo

Venco Venturo began in 1952. Founded by Art Collins, it grew into one of the largest hoist and service crane providers in the US. The liftgate line was added in ‘79, scissors hoists in ’81, acquiring a crane manufacturer, expanding product lines to include electric, hydraulic & crane bodies in ‘89.

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Crane Mechanics Body

Venturo Crane Bodies are designed and manufactured for Venturo service cranes. They provide the optimum foundation for the crane and for your worktruck. Venco Venturo manufactures RUGGED and strong crane bodies.

They are built RELIABLE and long-lasting, and we have REAL expertise in serving as your number one industry resource. Our 25,000 FT-LB, 40,000 FT-LB, 50,000 FT-LB and 66,000 FT-LB crane bodies are designed to provide enough storage while boosting capacity to lift your maximum loads.

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